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#ShopTheRoom: The Perfect Marriage Of Minimalism And Comfort Right In Your Balcony!

The Balcony is your spot. It’s your solace, the place where you go to unwind after a stressful work day. It’s the place where you scream your heart out like Bunny and Naina from YJHD. But it’s also the retreat spot of your parties. So, such a place should not only be comfortable but also pleasing to the eye, don’t you think? Worry not, we are here to help you turn your balcony into the most happening spot in your house.

Lounge Your Heart Out!

A key aspect of comfort is a good chair. Chairs with straight backs always remind us of classrooms and never of chilling. Pepperfry’s Bohemiana Mexico Folding Chair brings the beach feels right to your balcony. A perfect corner to cuddle up with a book on those lazy Sunday afternoons. 

The Perfect Picnic Right In Your Balcony

Tired of eating your meals at the dinner table? Get this wonderful table made of teak and say bye to the norm. Pepperfry’s Bohemiana Folding Table represents picnic feels, freedom and comfort all in one. Have your meals and throw formality out the window. 

Bask In The Glow Of Warm Light

A key element of a stellar balcony is always good lighting. Good lighting always transforms the entire ambiance of the place and makes the entire place glow so beautifully. Bringing to you from Pepperfry’s Bohemiana Collection is the Wall Light. Don’t judge it based on its size. The biggest surprises always come from the smallest items. The Wall Light bathes the entire balcony in a warm golden light making the entire balcony the hippest place to party. 

Add A Spunk Of Funk!

A carpet is something that adds character and individuality to space. Any dull space is brightened with the splash of color provided by a carpet. Pepperfry’s Bohemiana Collection has a Dhurrie that adds a classy yet funky vibe to the room. It not only will keep your balcony clean but also makes it so comfortable to walk barefoot giving a vibe of homeliness and chill. 

So, We’re Saying..

Let your furniture do the talking and add a sense of spunk and individuality to your balcony. #ShopTheRoom with and you will bring alive modernity, comfort, and timelessness in your home.