Shri Ram Centre's Garden Canteen Is Good For Both Momos & Monologues

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Way before the new crop of dingy, boozy pubs overtook central Delhi, we used to watch plays and have chai and samosas… It was a good life. If you want to relive those memories, Shri Ram Centre is just the place to catch a theatrical performance in the auditorium followed by a chill hangout at their {half} open-air canteen. Discuss the play’s characters and eat cheap-ish chow mein and momos. Sounds perfect, right? 

Smells Like Canteen Spirit

CP is that family story that never gets old. Every tiny lane has a decade-old thela or a sweet mango shake man who does brisk business thanks to all the hurried office folks or rushed students who come by to shop, drink DePaul’s or just learn a new language at Max Mueller. 

On our last visit, we ditched the usual in favour of an inexpensive place. We hung out at Shri Ram Centre’s canteen and tucked into hot Chinjabi food that set us back by all of INR 130 something for a plate of momo, veg chilli garlic noodles and chai. The place, like we said, has an indoor area with a usually packed lawn. We sat for a whole hour trying not to eavesdrop on all the people discussing the nuances of art and trying to finish off what we can safely call “generous portions” by Delhi standards.

It’s all pretty old school around here. There isn’t a printed menu and people linger around chit chatting with the counter man as mentally calculates their food bill. No one asks for a printed copy and there’s a comfort level that comes from this place having seen way too many theatre loving regulars.

If you find yourselves here, order anything from spring rolls, momo, noodles, chilli chicken, chilli paneer, nimbu paani, tea and more at prices that are as archaic as the ways of this canteen. We assure you it’ll make come back with new found love for the simple things in life.

So, We're Saying...

Grab a seat inside if it’s too hot for the lawn but we really suggest combining the eating scene with a play. Seriously, movie halls are so sterile when pitted against run down auditoriums and no experimental cuisine can ever put momo and spicy noodles outta business.

PS: We haven’t tried the lassi but heard good things. Tell us if it’s worth trying because so many of our winter afternoons and breezy evenings will be spent here. Sigh… Nostalgia is a wonderful feeling.


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