Taste Sikkim at Nimtho, The Himalayan Restaurant

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Get your fill of Sikkimese and Nepali delicacies at Nimtho, a new restaurant in the quiet lanes of GK1.

Mountain Home

Serving traditional recipes from Sikkimese kitchens, Nimtho comes as a breath of fresh mountain air in Delhi’s north-eastern cuisine space. The food makes you feel good {it’s not spicy}, the chefs are from Sikkim and the owner {a biotechnologist turned entrepreneur} makes sure that ingredients are as organic as they can get. The restaurant is spread across two levels, and though the indoor section is tastefully done and resembles a cosy home {don’t miss the traditional musical instruments mounted on the wall}, we love the cheerful, rooftop space a little more in winters. They have excellent furniture and picnic tables here too.

Over The Hill

Nimtho’s extensive menu features several known and unknown gems. The Thenthuk used some of the softest noodles we’ve ever had {our Assamese friend confirmed this}, and the steamed buckwheat momo {gluten-free} were a great twist to a common staple. By the time we finished the bowl of Sishnu ko raas {wild nettle soup}, we wanted to pack our bags to Sikkim and never return. Round two of starters included the Tareko Pork {wok-fried crunchy pork pieces} and the mysterious Wacheepa, a smokey flavoured rice dish prepared with chicken, burnt feather powder {yes, that’s right!} and other spices. We completed the experience with the Sikkimese Mutton Thali {you also have a choice of veg, chicken and pork}, a royal feast featuring rice, churpi dal, fried spinach, gundruk, and a range of home-made pickles.

Anything Else?

On weekends, their special BBQ Sekuwa nights ensure you enjoy your choice of grilled meat {buff included}. The choice of beverages right now is limited to soft drinks and fresh lime soda, but we hear a bar license is on its way. Also, attached to the restaurant on the ground floor is Organic Sikkim, a store dealing in organic food stuff and ingredients flown in from the hill state.

So, We’re Saying..

We simply love the place for a leisurely lunch with friends and family. The food is fresh and delicious, the portions are just the right size so you never feel gluttonous. Nimtho’s location is also really peaceful to work out of or take a nap after a king’s meal, if that’s your thing. Price: INR 1,200 {for two, approx}

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