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Having been brides, or friends, sisters, cousins, and acquaintances of brides, we’ve come to be well-versed with the multi-designer store, Ogaan. Situated in various pockets of the city, there’s something about the rustic, almost industrial charm of the Hauz Khas Village store, and the way it makes its designer display look. OGAAN finished 25 years in fashion this November, and like any fashion house worth their couture, they’ve curated a special OGAAN X 25 exhibition, showcasing designers and couturists that have been an integral part of their journey so far, as well as have had instrumental contributions to the burgeoning and constantly evolving Indian fashion scene. Besides fashion pioneers, they’ve also invited younger, newer talents to showcase their range of techniques, design aesthetics and sensibilities.

Each designer, new or seasoned, has been asked to showcase a collection that reflects his/her unique sensibility, brand prowess and distinct techniques, including erstwhile iconic collections, or singular pieces that re-defined the fashion of its time. OGAAN invited Kevin Nigli, Head of Sales and partner at design-firm Abraham and Thakore, to design the exhibit; he has gone on to use the umbrella theme of reflections, drawing on the exhibit’s premise; a journey through Ogaan’s 25 years of being one of the finest fashion stores in the Capital.

As far as limited edition collections go, you can expect {and be very excited} about, Abraham and Thakore. Their most successful collections have included ikat dresses, formal brocades, and hand-woven saris {including the iconic houndstooth sari}. They will surpass, with a retrospective collection.

Consistent deliverer Anamika Khanna, who sold her first collection at Ogaan, is popular for her distinct aesthetic, understated detailing, and always keeping up with her time. She has created a surprise limited edition of 25 pieces, including jackets, draped saris, and capes, all tied in together by her design sensibility.

Anavila, best known for her soft, hand-woven lined saris made of natural dyes, is drawing on her collection inspired by Mohenjadaro to make saris as well as linen tunics, for OGAAN X 25.

Kavita Bhartia, a name synonymous with OGAAN, is best known for her use of screen print and texture across layers. Her SS’15 collection worked with muted colour palettes {beiges, whites, blacks, nudes and rose}, constructed into international silhouettes, featuring a play of textures and embroideries. For this exhibit, she expands on her SS’15 line to create a special hand-emroidered and textured winter collection.

Pop colour experimenter and specialist Nikasha relies heavily on colour, and this exhibit sees her return to her roots, working with turmeric, haldi, sindoori and rani colours.

Hippie-chic in her aesthetic, but rooted in her sensibility, Aneeth Arora {of Pero}, has revolutionised the layering concept, and has introduced luxury hand-woven day wear. For the exhibit, she will be making a limited edition denim collection of jackets and over-shirts.

Goa based designer Savio Jon, known for his easy, unique and casual clothes channeling boho and grunge, will bring back some of his classic shapes in a collection that uses the colours of make-up.

ogaan-25-years-delhi-hkv-1Savio Jon & Rahul Mishra

ogaan-25-years-delhi-hkv-2Rajesh Pratap Singh

_MG_9018Sandals by Sanchita

ogaan-25-years-delhi-hkv-8Anamika Khanna

ogaan-25-years-delhi-hkv-3Anamika Khanna

ogaan-25-years-delhi-hkv-5Abraham & Thakore

_MG_9234Nidhi Tholia

ogaan-25-years-delhi-hkv-7Jewellery by Atelier Mon

A Small Shop by Jason & Anshu, a label based out of Bangalore, started their playful pret at Ogaan, Santusthi. Easily recognisable by their bright, detailed hand-dyed prints, Jason & Anshu will be showing a collection of simple shapes, featuring their stunning, mood-lifting prints.

Sonam Dubal started his brand Sanskaar, back in 1999, by selling a brocade collection at Ogaan. His mainstays are velvet and  embroidered winter jackets and capes. As for this showcase, expect a collection of jackets made using a variety of methods and fabrics, showing his variety of technique and inspirations.

Besides the aforementioned designers, Wendell Rodricks, Vivek Narang, Sunita Shanker, Sanjay Garg, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Payal Pratap Singh, Namrata Joshipura, Kiran Uttam Ghosh, Eka, Bodice, and Akaaro by Gaurav Jai Gupta will be on display. As for jewellery and accessories, Atelier Mon and Indian traditional jewellery expert Vasundhara’s collections will be on display.

The Ogaanx25 exhibit is on display at Ogaan, Hauz Khas Village till the 16th of November, 2014.

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