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Since You’re Unique, Your Make-Up Should be Unique Too

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Have you ever gone make-up shopping and despite the endless rows of choices, found nothing that is inherently, you?! Even though options range from hypoallergenic to organic to a million shades of pink, imagine the experience of custom-made make-up at your disposal. That’s exactly what founders Jasmine Shah and Bhakti Bhanushali have created with their brand, Karibo. Karibo is redefining makeup and bringing the concept of bespoke products, especially lipsticks, that are unique and one-of-a-kind. Karibo takes its customers beyond the customary ‘good products’ journey and involves them in the complete process, right from conceptualization to the final product that they get to not just create but also name. In its quest to make makeup more accessible and friendly, the founders have set Karibo on four pillars of belief - Customisation, Clean Beauty, Sustainability and Guy Beauty. I personally loved the inclusivity bit the most, Guy Beauty is exactly what it states, beauty products for men, from shades to formulation, a man’s skin is different from a woman's, so why shouldn’t his make-up be different too?

Creating a custom blend lipstick is all about selecting the right tones and undertones. The experts at Karibo will guide you when it comes to selecting the right shade and texture based on your skin tone, type and lifestyle. When the studio is open (in Mumbai), you can mix the shades and be a part of the process, I did all that over Zoom! Start with a shade, add a base, choose a type (stick or lip gloss), choose between matte or shine and then you can even add a fragrance. Aromas like Rose Germanium, Lavender, Grapefruit, Berry are some of the hot takes and add a wonderful subtle note to your custom-made lipstick. I choose a nude shade, lipstick style, matte finish with vanilla notes to create my signature lipstick. Actually, it is the final leg of the process where you decide the type - it can be a stick, liquid or gloss and you have the option of getting your lipsticks packaged as per your preferences.

All the ingredients used are vegan, food-based and dermatologically tested. As an activity, creating your own make-up is so much fun that it makes for an excellent activity for parties and occasions, a bachelorette or a birthday, what a lovely keepsake that would be?! It’s also a great gift since it’s super personalized to the extent that even the name is decided by you! I loved my Karibo lipstick, it’s one of a kind, doesn’t get more designer than that!