Ten-Second Takeaway

PlushEscapes helps you discover new and stunning getaways and staycations all over India. We chose Itmenaan in Almora: A 100-year-old cottage with mud floors and thatched roofs overlooking the gorgeous Himalayas. The perfect getaway for the ‘mountain head.’

Rooms With A View


Image courtesy: Itmenaan

Mornings at Itmenaan involve unlocking your cute wooden door, feasting your eyes on a spectacular view, stepping onto the porch, sipping on some aromatic filter coffee {or chai, if that’s more your cup of tea}, sinking into a cushioned wooden chair and waiting for breakfast.

If it gets too chilly, you can unwind in the small room stocked with books and magazines, low comfy seating and individual breakfast tables. Alternatively, in good weather, head upwards to a square enclosure complete with cushioned benches and a large table.

The evenings are equally beautiful with the hills completely lit up and glass lanterns adorning the walls of the porch. We’d recommend taking this in while you sip on a glass of red wine.

PS: We liked the bathroom with its wood and stone swag the most. However, we’re still undecided on whether we liked taking bucket baths with a brass lota.

The Food Scenario

Image courtesy: Itmenaan

Image courtesy: Itmenaan

Their restaurant is under construction {expected to be operational by June} but the ever-helpful staff is more than happy to set up your meal for you anywhere on the premises. The kitchen focusses on nutritious home-style food. Opt for a Masala Cheese Omelette, fruits and fresh juices for breakfast; sabzis {we love their dry Bandh Gobhi and dal} and a stellar Pahadi Chicken with hot rotis and coriander rice for lunch and dinner. There’s no gourmet scene here, everything’s simple yet delicious.

It might be worth the effort to ask for a cream-infused dessert; we loved their fresh whipped cream. They also bake a pretty neat apple walnut Cake.

Things To Do

Itmenaans Estate’s entire agenda is to allow you to just relax and do nothing but breathe the fresh mountain air with a book in hand. However, you can also take short walks to the waterfall {20 minutes away} and the village. Or head to the nearby Jageshwar Temples and the town of Almora for a bout of mithai shopping {the singauri and baal mithai at Khem Singh Rautela are popular souvenirs} and lunch {Joshu’s Restaurant and Glory’s Restaurant are both safe bets}.

Getting There

Image courtesy: Itmenaan

Image courtesy: Itmenaan

Itmenaan Estate can be pretty tedious to get to. If you’re heading from the capital, you’ll have to first take a train till Kathgodam, followed by a 3.5 hour car journey and a 20-30 minute walk down a steep rough path till the cottage.

Once you’ve braved the walk downhill {make sure you’re wearing comfy shoes!}, you’re greeted by a cute cottage complete with a thatched roof, red doors, stone walls and a panoramic view of the surrounding hills and farms. This is where we planted ourselves, in the Oak room.

The next two days were a blur of serenity and quiet. The peeps at Itmenaan don’t even offer Wi-Fi or TV {intentionally} so you’re forced to disconnect from civilisation and just forget the world—something we all need from time to time.

All in all, we’d say Itmenaan isn’t for everyone, but is a great escape for the honeymooning couple or the solo traveller looking for some inner peace. You can even ask the hotel peeps to call you a yoga instructor. All that’s missing here is a spa.

Where: Village Naugaon, Tehsil Bhanoli, Almora

Nearest Railway Station: Kathgodam

Contact: +91 8287033182

Price: Starting at INR 8,800 per night

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Featured image courtesy: Itmenaan