Smell Like A Dream With These Natural Ittars From Arrom


Arrom harks back to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to resurrect old beauty secrets. Their concoctions are a tribute to ancient remedies that kept generations healthy and happy. While the mists, essence oils, fragrant waters and glassware are all constants, we’re currently crushing on their 100% natural ittars.

What Makes It Awesome

They believe in the country’s ability to overwhelm you with its myriad of sights, sounds and aromas. A part of this quintessentially Indian experience is our rich history in the form of spices, herbs, flowers and the typical smell of damp earth.

In keeping with its philosophy of ‘old is gold’, the brand bottles up essences in their purest form. Their Rose, Tuberose, Arabian Jasmine and Petrichor are all free of chemicals and steam distilled using traditional methods to retain original aromas. In fact, these fragrances are made in Kannauj that everyone knows as the ‘fragrance capital’ of the world.

In fact, even aside from the ittars, their wellness line is totally natural.

What Could Be Better

We wish they had an e-shop and an easily navigable website.


Arrom’s face mists and aloe vera gel have our vote of confidence. So, if natural ittars aren’t your jam, try their natural skincare range and you won’t be disappointed.