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Snackosaur Keeps The Hunger Beast at Bay

Aditi posted on 29th April

It doesn’t matter if you’ve balanced your breakfast berries with your dinner dim sum, to make sure you get light, nutritious and filling meals evenly balanced out through the day. Well, it does matter a great deal actually. Except for when all hell breaks loose Godzilla-style between 4 and 6 pm and you polish off a plate of fries, that amazing looking cronut and a hot chocolate fudge sundae. Snacking will be the end of us. Sigh.

Or so we thought. Snackosaur is the mighty new snack solution, ready to take on ill-timed hunger pangs and to champion well-intentioned will in battle with flesh that remains obstinately weak.

Snackosaur does healthful snacks of both the sweet and salted variety. Not only are they low on sin, they’re made with things like broadbeans that are actually good for us. We tried the Roasted Edamame Beans and the intriguing Strawberry Wasabi Peas, secretly sceptical that these snacky treats would be too healthful to enjoy. Au contraire, fellow hungry person. It falls into the privileged category of ‘once you pop you can’t stop’ kind of snacking.

A special note on the Almond Prune Oat Granola Bar. It actually delivers all the greatness of a granola breakfast bar without any of the sugary side-effects. Good.

The subscription boxes are ideal so that a neat package with a few portions of snack arrive at your desk even before that eye or mind has a chance to go wandering. Snackosaur switches up the snacks every fortnight with its subscription service; with 5 different varieties of snacks in each box, they try their best to ensure that you’re less likely to flirt with any unhealthy distractions.

You could order individual snacks or a one time trial box, but we suggest diving head first into commitment and getting the subscription model so there’s no more wide-scale destruction when you’re stomping around in hunger.

Notes in our Little Black Book

Hey, it’s a snack in a box! Snackosaur does gulit-free snacks that we couldn’t stop reaching out for like Wasabi Moong Beans, Black Pepper Multigrain Mix and Dried Cranberries. Subscription includes 5 different snacks delivered every fortnight.

For more information: Click here

Contact: +91-7406676036

Prices: Individual snacks start at INR 90. One-time box priced at INR 299. Three month subscription includes two boxes a month and is priced at INR 1794. Free shipping for orders of INR 299 and above.


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