Enjoy A Hearty ALL DAY Breakfast At The Gorgeous Soho Bistro Cafe Near Champa Gali

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're keen to get away from the city chaos (while still in the city), Soho Bistro cafe is just the place to be. A couple kilometres from the famous Champa Gali, this cafe is all things pretty and colourful! With an indoor seating area where you can enjoy board game sessions and a gorgeous outdoor with plenty of exposure to sunlight, this place is the perfect breakfast spot in Delhi winters. 

We're Particularly Obsessed With

Their extravagant (and rather affordable) breakfast menu. With over 10 awesome egg preparations and a bunch of hearty English breakfast options to choose from, you're sure to leave the place with a happy stomach. Those with a sweet tooth have to try their Nutella & Berry pancakes, best ordered with a side of fresh french toast or crepes, and some thick and tasty hot chocolate or coffee.

If you have a small appetite (or are trying to lose the holiday weight), their salad options are equally delicious! They've got caesar, burrata tomato, chicken & lettuce, and a whole lot more. 

How Much Does It Cost

INR 1000 - 1200 for two. 


Don't worry, Shop local 🛍 Big on 🍷🍕and 🌏 (kinda ditsy tbh)