Bar Stools To Coffee Tables: Bring Nature Into Your Living Room With This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Solid Bench is a Gurgaon-based carpentry studio that makes furniture pieces celebrating the beauty and brilliance of natural wood. From handcrafted bar stools to timeless Windsor chairs, these folks don't unnecessarily use nails or screws in their furniture unless they have to. That's precisely what caught our attention in the first place - a fine finishing to each of their products. 

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of minimalism and American craftsmanship, Solid Bench’s furniture is a tribute to nature. Using sustainably harvested East Indian Rosewood, teak, and white oak trees, they incorporate joinery techniques, minimalistic designs, and natural oil finishes to bring out the natural form and imperfections (read raw beauty) of an individual tree. So instead of re-fashioning and re-working a certain piece of wood to look like mass-produced furniture, the skilled craftspeople at Solid Bench transform the entire slab of a tree (minus the bark) into a piece of statement furniture.

Since the idea is to steer clear of mass production, Solid Bench has a limited collection, but each and everything they have is unique. The branched bookshelf, for instance, adds a touch of nature to your space and can be custom made according to your requirement (we're logging in, right away). Their low coffee table with jagged edges is another favourite and so is the wall-mounted shelf, which combines shelves made from East Indian Rosewood, a jute rope, and eucalyptus spacers to give it a rustic, modern look. Their high-back chairs made out of Rosewood and White Ash look absolutely stunning and are sure to make your living space look more refined. Preserving every scratch in the wood, Solid Bench's furniture is aesthetic in the purest sense. 

Price: Starting at INR 8,000 for side tables


You can shop for their furniture online through their website. We haven't come to the best part yet - they ship across India! Order away.


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