10 Lessons We Learned From Sonam Kapoor’s New App

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Sonam Kapoor goes the Kardashian way with her own brand new app. And as one does, we instantly got it. Here’s the lowdown on the innovatively {umm} named mobile app, Sonam Kapoor.

Hello, Sonam

Hardcore fans {yes, indeed} of the Kardashian clan and even young Taylor Swift’s app, we jumped at the opportunity to download desi star, Sonam Kapoor’s app. There’s live streaming {though you need to be glued to it to know when}, a great section on the diva’s fashion and style, plus fan-generated photos, comments and videos that will keep you entertained {whether you’re Team Sonam or not}.

But mostly it’s loaded with images posted by the actor and about the actor herself. Bordering on a personalised feed of a megalomaniac, but such a beautiful one, here’s what we learned for the week-old app.

Lesson 1

OK, so we’re not the biggest fans of Miss Kapoor. Or more specifically her marginally annoying voice. So, first things first, put the introduction video on mute. And then focus on the star, because she really does look drop dead gorgeous.

Lesson 2

She can be pretty inspiring. Check out her videos of working out {in the My Life section} and you’ll want to join her fitness routine too. Her guru {and now ours} Radhika Karle really works her fitness magic. Go, get your workout gear now.

Lesson 3

Anil Kapoor is still the better actor and perhaps always will be. Featuring in the first of many father-daughter clips in the Workohol category, Papa Kapoor steals the show with his light humour and even humility. Or maybe his voice is easier on the ear.

Lesson 4

You can now officially make Red Velvet Cupcakes just how Miss Kapoor likes them, in case she pops in for tea. How? With her recipe, courtesy baker and bestie Pooja Dhingra. After all, the star thinks they’re ‘jaw-droppingly amazing’. But the question really is why.

Lesson 5

Mary Poppins is her favourite Disney film ever. With FrozenBraveBeauty and The Beast and The Jungle Book the next four, naturally the sixth was a self-plug. Remember, Khoobsurat – The Royal Misfit? The one Sonam starred in? No? Never mind.

Lesson 6

Namrata Soni is an amazing wizard. It’s probably easy when you look as lovely as Sonam, but this make-up artiste really works magic on the skin without overdoing it. Natural, effortless and chic, Sonam, the style-icon even shares step-by-step advice on how to recreate her red carpet glow.

Lesson 7

We also learned, that much like us mere mortals, most of her support comes from her family and clique {Remember Mean Girls… err Aisha?}. Be it encouraging sibling Rhea or friends in the form of trainers, stylists or glam-dad, this one counts on a push from near and dear as much as the next person. Of course, it helps that there’s over 10,000 people who’ve already downloaded the app and absolutely adore the star.

Lesson 8

Don’t watch the videos, and certainly not the live-streaming section called Sonam Live!, unless you have NASA-level internet connections. While the videos are interesting, it takes ages to buffer and you’ll lose interest. At least we did.

Lesson 9

Want to skip the fluff? Get to the Style Mafia category before anything else. It’s a real jackpot. Following the style-icon’s dress picks, make-up story of the day and even easy DIY tips to look stylish, this is a great and useful feature. Her stylists give you step-by-step guides on how they created her look for red carpet events, so the next time you want to replicate a celebrity look, you know exactly where to go.

Lesson 10

We learned how to make a fancy-looking velvet choker thanks to the actor’s enthusiasm for DIY stuff. How good our final product looked is questionable, though since the aim was rock chic, we picked the death metal genre. But that shouldn’t take away from the fact that you can look forward to many more DIY things.

See, now the next time you’re in a cab or soaking in a bath, what better way to pass your time than this app. How else can you bake and do make-up like a star does!

Find out more about the app here.

Download the iOS version here and the Android one here.


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