By Aditi Datta

Hey, Soul Sister, forget that Mr. Mister; there’s a whole world waiting out there!

We were thrilled to learn about Soul Purpose – a women-only travel company that takes women’s movement to a whole other level. Started like all good businesses – by two friends, over a chat – founders Vidya and Mimi knew there’d be more like them who sought company to quell a traveller’s two best friends – restlessness and wanderlust.

So started Soul Purpose – organised tours to fun destinations within India, adventure guaranteed. In the two years since its inception, the company has completed trips to the Rann of Kutch, Benaras, Upper Ganga, Beas Kund in the Himalayas and Churu in Rajasthan, among others.

The trips are reccied, researched and finely balanced so they pack in action that isn’t all hard work, as well as sightseeing that isn’t like the dreadful traditional holiday packages where you can’t wait for the leisure slot. For example, the trip last October to Nagaland for the Hornbill Festival included a night’s stay in a local village, and the trip last February to Panna Tiger Reserve also packed in an evening at the Khajuraho Dance Festival.

We asked the founders the most common motivation for these ladies to get packing, and basically, it seems that women simply want a good trip. Many women want to follow their own trail but seek safety in numbers; many others are working and can’t sit around waiting for everyone’s holiday schedules to align.

Not that we dare to ask a group of women their ages, but the founders tell us that most travellers are within the 30-50 age bracket, although last year they had a 72 year old lady who was younger at heart than most of them put together, and even a 17 year old who wanted a holiday after her school exams but without her parents. {We approve!}

Coming up next month {February 20-22, save the date!} is a special edition of Glamping in Jodhpur, complete with luxury tents, sightseeing in four by fours, and shopping in twos or solo. March sees these souls finding purpose in the Andamans, with one day dedicated to a discovery dive, one to snorkelling, and one to the farthest point in India for a spectacular Eastern sunset. And in May, may the force be with them as they head to Everest Base Camp.

Other than for the ultra luxury Glamping edition, they keep pricing as low as possible so that the travellers are comfortable, not just when it comes to safety, but also in knowing that they’re not unfairly splurging {a self-inflicted unnecessary guilt trip, but hey, we’ve been there. Fair enough.}

And what about all these women, barely known to each other? Is there such a thing as too much estrogen? Well, apparently adrenaline wins. Most of the ladies are so happy to be on holiday that they’re eager, excited and more often than not, totally amicable. Because they come without the baggage of family {just for the weekend anyway}, relationship status or lack thereof, they are free spirits, bonding over bonfires, seeking their soul’s next adventure.

We’re proud, we’re envious and we got to say on the radio, stereo or anyplace else – the way you move ain’t fair, you know! More power to you.

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Soul Purpose organises trips within India for groups of 10-15 women. If you love travelling, get together with your soul sisters from other misters, as you head out on a trip with adventures of the much-wanted kind.

For more information: Click here 

Contact: Vidya on +91-9873410696 or Mimi on +91-9810101602

Prices: Trips are generally inclusive of all travel, internal transfers from a common point, meals and accommodation. Getting to Delhi or directly to the destination is at travellers’ cost. Glamping trip to Jodhpur is priced at INR 20,000 all inclusive for train travel to and from Delhi, room, board, and sightseeing