South Cafe in Gautam Nagar for Buff Fry and Parotta

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This cafe {and we use that term loosely} is a literal hole-in-the-wall that has uncomfortable, limited seating, harsh lighting and some of the best food we’ve had in a while.

Sambhar ke chalo

While the staple vada-sambhar and idli-sambhar are available here, they’re just about decent. However, it’s the meatier items on their menu that really caught our attention. The Buff Fry with Parotta is something that we insist you try {it’s clearly buff and not beef, in case you were about to get those pitchforks out}. It’s not on the menu; you’ll only find the Chicken Fry and Mutton Fry on there {they’re probably watching out for those pitchforks too, and we don’t blame them!}, so make sure you specify.

While the portions may look small, it is enough for two people; especially if you’re ordering something else alongside. The parotta in itself is a gem; it always comes piping hot and perfectly flaky.

Dosa dosa naa raha

They have a whole bunch of dosas, including all the regular suspects, with some interesting ones like Chicken Masala Dosa and Egg Masala Dosa thrown in. They also have a Chicken Fry, as well as Fish Curry, and a number of vegetable curries. Still looking for something else? Try their Mutton Roast.

Anything else I should know?

The service may be surly, but is extremely prompt and efficient. Also, the place isn’t very clean; it’s a hole-in-the-wall after all, but the number of people there at any given time is testament to us Dilliwala’s iron tummies.


You can pick up papad here for INR 40 per packet and other south Indian snacks too; they’re all pretty cheap.