Appam Kurma, Dosa & All Things South Indian at Naivedyam

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For a South Indian meal out in town or in the comfort of your home, bookmark Naivedyam. With their consistent quality dosas, idlis, uthappams and Mysore Pak, they’re bound to hit the spot every time.

What Makes It Awesome

Naivedyam refers to the food offered to God as part of a worship ritual, prior to consuming it. Keeping with tradition, the restaurant aims to make their food taste divine. We recommend starting your meal here with the tender coconut water or a piping hot cup of rasam.

We know there’s no dearth of South Indian joints in the city and you can score a dosa in almost every nook and corner, but it’s only once in a while that you find one spiced to perfection, crisp on the outside with a masala filling. Naivedyam’s on our list for this very reason. You can pretty much order anything off the menu without the fear of disappointment but highlights include the South Indian Thali {especially if you have a rumbling tummy}, the Mysore Rava Masala Dosa and the Appam Kurma {appams mixed with vegetable stew}.

Make sure you dip your food into the numerous chutneys Naivedyam offers with all their dishes- the tomato one in particular. And if you still have space after the meal {we always leave some}, try their Mysore Pak or the Kesri Bhat. They also offer a hot chocolate fudge if you want to limit your dessert to simple chocolate.

Naivedyam offers home delivery {the dosas do manage to retain some of their crispiness} and is ideal for a quick order for those times you just don’t want to step into the kitchen.


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