Score Everything From Giant Cereal Boxes To Dirt-Cheap Jeans At Pacific Mall

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Spar Hypermarket is a massive store in Tagore Garden’s Pacific Mall which sells everything from fruits and vegetables to canned and boxed goods, to even clothes for men, women and children. All at wholesale prices.

Stock Your Larder

Hypermarket will feel like paradise to those who enjoy grocery shopping. They’ve got everything from our favourite cereals, fresh and canned fruit, milk, meat, freshly-baked bread, confectionery, rice, dal, wheat, several varieties of snacks- the works. And they’ve got these in the largest sizes which you won’t find at your local kirana store. We’re talking five-kilo boxes of Frosties and Chocos.

Spar also has its own brand under which it produces daily vitals such as cooking oil, jams, cereals, noodles and the like.

Stock Your Wardrobe

We came across some surprisingly nice basic T-shirts, pyjamas and jeans while we were traipsing through. Granted, you’re not likely to come across runway material, but for simple daily wear, we’re bookmarking Hypermarket. The jeans deserve a special mention for just being so affordable. While we’re used to spending thousands on the perfect indigo pair, you can get away by spending just a few hundred rupees here; and by the looks of it, they seem durable.

They’ve got sizes starting from zero {we mean newborns} right up till XXL.

What Else?

Hypermarket should also be your go-to place for utensils, crockery, appliances, electronics, toys and a world of random items for you and your home.



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