Spice Up Your Life With Republic Of Noodles

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Lemon Tree Hotel’s little-known pan-Asian chain, Republic of Noodles, serves up tasty treats right here in Aerocity.

Comforting climate

The Lemon Tree Hotel’s pool area in Aerocity can seem like an oasis of calm in our desert city. Walking past the wooden panels, deck chairs and soothing sounds of the swimming pool fountain, you reach the entrance to Republic of Noodles. RON {as it is affectionately called by the hotel staff} is a pan-Asian delicacy restaurant that has never advertised itself much. Located in, and owned by, a series of Lemon Trees around the country, it is time the eatery had its fifteen minutes of fame.

Comforting décor with wooden Tibetan dividers demarcating zones for tables, gives us some privacy, while still letting us tap into the energy of the space. Stone and metalwork statues of Buddhas, and dastkari tribal art adorn the little alcoves in the walls.

Tasty treat

The menu offers a wide variety of cuisines, mashed together. As such, we had a hard time deciding which way our taste test should go. After some consideration we tried the Tom Yum Goong soup, Pot Roasted Spare Ribs, Pork Cooked in Laotian Bong Sauce and Mixed Meat Fried Rice {don’t judge, we were hungry!}.

The soup was tasty–tangy without being overpowering–but the star was the spare ribs. Juicy, sticky, messy- they’re all you want in ribs, and more. The sweetness of the sauce with the perfectly cooked meat made for a perfect sharing dish. The pork main was served with bamboo shoots and a spicy sauce that was augmented by the huge, filling portion of the mixed meat rice.

Surprise selection

We were surprised by the lack of footfall at RON, especially after trying the food, but perhaps being a hotel-specific restaurant they haven’t been able to spread word of their delicious cuisine. This hidden gem is definitely worth trying out for all Asian food lovers.


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