Stay Wild Child, For 100% Natural Bath & Body Care Products

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Fresh out of Mother Nature’s instincts, Stay Wild Child is a personal-care brand that believes in a world where people live a more natural, wholesome and fulfilling life.

So Delectably Yummy

The products are packaged in the yummiest pastel shades ever. It makes it so much more tempting to buy and stock, just so that your loo or dresser looks pretty!

Other than that, the raw rich natural aromas make you wanna use them products every day.

The Must Try’s

Definitely go for the hair care products. Like their Ayurvedic hair oil or leave in conditioner. The Neem and Sandalwood face packs really get the glow you need before a party or after a long day at work.

For some skin lovin’ there’s the Vanilla Almond Body Lotion and the Oatmeal and Sandalwood Scrub. Get a better idea about their products here or visit their Facebook page.

So We’re Saying…

If you want to experiment with some natural stuff within your budget {they’re super economical} then check out some of their products. They’re worth staying wild for!


All the products are 100 per cent natural and have no chemicals, additives and toxic ingredients that could potentially harm the fragile balance of the body.


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