Stop By This Pan-Asian Street Food Restaurant When In Nehru Place

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What Makes It Awesome

That it's doing Pan-Asian interestingly, and from a streetfood POV. Tum Tum Asia, famous (and purely vegetarian) in Dubai, has popped open in the up-and-comer Eros Corporate tower in Nehru Place. Luckily for me, it wasn't all-vegetarian here, or I, as a true-blue carnivore, would have felt completely lost. All non-wavering veggies will be happy to know that they segregate both their menu AND they're kitchen into vegetarian and non.

I'll be honest; Tum Tum is a mixed bag, and they do things either really right or really wrong. What's great about them, though, is that they really aren't afraid to push a few boundaries (their tandoori veg sushi being Exhibit A). In some cases, the experiments don’t quite pay off—the visuals of their tandoori sushi, the sushi donut and a certain OTT dessert (rife with cream, dyed-pink chestnuts, a Mango Duet and those little tapioca balls you get at the bottom of your bubble tea) come to mind.

But, in the majority of their food, their kooky recipes bode well—the activated charcoal and prawn sushi, as well as the coconut milk clad lobster being the most notable examples. They also have this dessert called the Chocolate Burger that brings only two thoughts to the fore— “Is this what ‘death by chocolate’ means?” and “I should’ve brought a friend.”

What Could Be Better

Some of the dishes on the menu. Also, the service (while it’s definitely accompanied by a smile) could afford to be faster.

How Much Did It Cost

About INR 2,000 for two

Best To Go With

Family, Big Group

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