99 Problems But A Budget Ain't One: Store 99 In Noida

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Wandering around Mall of India, we stumbled upon a Store 99 and couldn’t help but walk inside. It’s larger than the one in Saket, and definitely has more to offer.

Lucky Number 9?

Unfortunately, everything in this store isn’t for INR 99 {sadfes}. But, all prices do end with the number ‘nine,’ and we didn’t see anything above INR 399.

From toothpicks to bowls {we picked up some cute nautical-themed ones for INR 129} to dusters, shower caddies, napkin holders, phone covers, inexpensive toys, home decor, and shaadi sagan envelopes {set of 30 for INR 99!} you’ll definitely find something that you need for your house.

#LBBTip: We found a lot of cheaper alternatives for a number of things on our list of kitchen products.

So, We're Saying

Make your way here if you have to pick up something for that annoying relative’s bratty child, or if you’re just looking to build an inexpensive housewarming hamper for your newly-wed friends.