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    These Sauces, Dips And Flatbreads Are Our Everyday Snacking Goals!

    Priya posted on 13 June

    Food is bae! And we need an endless supply of snacks to make sure we don’t get hangry. Being resourceful as we are, when it comes to food, Wingreens Farms, the maker of to-die-for snacks, have a list of things that have become our go-to solution for when hunger comes knocking!

    The Before Lunch Munch

    That time between your breakfast and lunch when you want to take a break. You have just reached office and you know that work won’t start immediately. What do you do? It’s too early for a big meal! We tried our hand at a string of dips from Wingreens Farms. These are not your regular run of the mill dips. We are talking Peri Peri Hummus, Chipotle, Cheezy Hummus and Black Chickpea with Jalapeno Hummus. These with delicious Baked Chilli & Garlic Pita Crisps are the best. Get them here.

    4pm Is Hunger O’clock

    Lunch was done at 2pm and then followed by a meeting that left you famished. We get the pain. Nothing a chai break cannot resolve. The perfect thing that we found goes well with chai is two-minute noodles. They are delicious on their own no doubt but we found interesting ways to reinvent them. There are these new sauces recently launched by Wingreens Farms, they can be eaten straight out of the tube, but with noodles they are just oh-so-awesome. Try their Bhut Sriracha, Achaari, Schezwan Chilli Garlic or Green Daredevil Chilli. Get some here.

    The Warm-Up Before Dinner

    Once you get back home from work and it’s late evening. Dinner is hours away but you know you need something to prep you for the big meal to come. Nothing too filling but has a crunch so you can trick your mind into believing that you are eating something substantial. What works for us is crisps, especially Baked Multigrain Flat Bread and Baked Pita Crisps. These go well with any dips, sauces or salsa on offer. Buy some here.

    The Midnight Munch Alert

    Catching up on your GOT episodes or watching reruns of Big Bang Theory, your experience just gets perfect when you have something to munch on. Give peanut butter a try. It’s is not just the creamy version {that goes perfectly with apple slices} but we tried Spicy Peanut Butter with carrot sticks and Chocolate Peanut Butter with slices of sweet bread. You will sleep like a baby just like we did. Get your nut butter here. Snacking is like second nature to us now and we know it won’t stop but we can always make it a healthy choice. With amazing things available with Wingreens Farms, we are sorted. You can get them on their website or on Amazon. Follow Wingreens Farms on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for more updates.

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