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Meet the Man Behind the Birds Mural in Lodhi Colony, Daleast

Editors posted on 27th February

By Editors

Nothing St+art has ever done has been less than spectacular. Which is why it gets hard to pick a favourite. We mean not that anyone asked, but we must impose. After much deliberation, oohs, aaahs and 'no, but look at this one', we're almost certain we found a favourite. At least one of us did, and this one belongs to Daleast.

Scarily life like, reminding of us a hybrid of regular Delhi skies, and Hitchcocks' Birds {without the blood bath}, the bottom line is how intricate, detailed {we're talking about shadows} and down right mesmerizing his mural is.

The he in question - Dal from Wuhan, Central China. Dal is an artist who attempts to depict the tense relationship between the natural and artificial; the organic and synthetic; creating a bifurcated aesthetic that brings these seemingly irreconcilable binaries into a beautiful coalescence. Currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa, his trademark metallic, monochromatic and sculptural aesthetic can be seen all over the world {including Delhi}, all the while retaining a strong influence of the Eastern philosophy that the artist holds close. Dal's skeletal, spiraled images attempt to bring his part-animal, part-machines to life, endowing them with an emotion and spirit that surpasses their purely illustrative qualities.

And people say there aren't enough spaces for bird watching in Delhi. We think someone just changed that.

Where: Block 7, Lodhi Colony, Opposite Republic of Chicken

The mural is complete, you may go have a look.

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