3 Must Try Street Foods in Brahmaputra Market, Noida

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Brahmaputra market, popularly known as the BP market, is a tangled line of shops, and also a paradise for street food lovers. It comes to life in the evening, when scores of vendors set up their stalls in front of the shops selling everything from fantastic gol gappas to divine kebabs. It’s Noida’s rendition of Chandni Chowk, only less crowded. Here is a suggested four course, street food menu for when you visit BP market. Before anything, start the day with juice from any of the stalls you see around you.

Editor’s Note: Most of these establishments don’t have a listed address or phone number, you’re better of asking around. 

Chaat Stalls

Try the Bharwan gol gappas, tikkis, or bhalla papdi at the stall in front of Safety Stores. There are a couple of chaat stalls, but this one is highly recommended. We personally love the hot aloo tikkis here. Close to Evergreen {big sweet shop}, you could take a bite of bombay sev puri and bhel puri or Bengali jhaal muri.

Rolls and Biryani

If you are a non-vegetarian, then for main course you are spoilt for choice. Try the kebabs and kathi rolls at Kolkatta Rolls; they are fabulous. For other non-vegetarian, North Indian fixes, Kapoors Balle Balle {LBB Editors: what a great name}, does a fine, affordable North Indian selection including rolls and biryani.

Where: K2 BP Market {Kapoors}; Contact: 011 33106153 {Kapoors} and +91 9211093665 {Kolkatta Rolls}

Steaming Hot Saaaambhar

Not to miss in this market is the South-Indian restaurant Lakshmi; you can only get there by asking around. This small 1980’s south Indian restaurant enjoys many loyal customers {a lot of South Indians, which proves they serve authentic food}. Loyalists say that the taste has remained the same for the last 3 decades. We recommend you reach on time, because it tends to get crowded at dinner time.

Where: Brahmaputra Market Complex, Sector 29, Noida {ask around}

Price for two: Under INR 400 {for eating your hearts out!}


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