No Space Issues: These Guys Make The Smallest Balconies & Terraces Go Beautifully Green

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What Makes It Awesome

Gurgaon-based landscape designers, Studio Earthbox, take tiny outdoor spaces, be it a dull balcony or a neglected terrace and turn them into a green haven - think planters, creepers, pebbles, path and all. For them, it's all about the tiny details. The succulent gifted by a friend, the plant hanger you brought home from the craft mela or the ceramic plate from your European holiday - they take all the emotions you hold dear and weave it together to truly breathe life into any space. They have bespoke products that lend an extra charm to your outdoor spaces.

This approach to urban gardening makes us feel like our currently-unloved 1BHK deserves so much better. Of course, the before-after pictures of their makeovers are really promising, and we have a reason to believe that they’re indeed wonderful at what they do.

If you’re more hands-on than that, you can also just buy their handcrafted garden accessories and get to work yourself.

What Could Be Better

We wish they also had an offline store. 

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