Portable Pourovers To Single Origin: This Brand Will Make You Fall In Love With Coffee All Over Again

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What Makes It Awesome

How often do we struggle to find that perfect cup of Joe? Multiple trips to wonderful coffee shops and tons of research led us to our favourite cafes in the city to get that caffeine fix. But alas, 2020 had some other plans for us and we were made to go through that process again, only this time we were hunting for online coffee brands. That's when we heard of Subko Coffee Roasters and Bakehouse. Based out of Mumbai, Subko had to, unfortunately, close their doors three days after the launch. While 2020 has been hard on all of us, it has been absolutely unexpected for local brands which were just starting out. Subko is currently only serviceable online in Mumbai but they're moving to Pan-India soon. 

What led us to Subko, apart from the word 'Coffee', was the way they have conceptualized their brand. Their objective is pretty simple - introduce consumers from around the globe to exquisite, speciality Coffee and breads from the Indian subcontinent. They've worked directly with the farmers to create quality coffee beans. Currently, they retail four kinds of coffees which are sustainably sourced from the estates in South India. After following an intensive study, they deploy various methods in order to create that perfect batch of these divine coffee beans. Subko's Ampthill Downs Single Origin Coffee Beans (INR 495) is medium roasted to perfection. It has a rich taste of milk chocolate, raw honey and floral jasmine. This would be an integral part of our morning ritual now. The Tat Tvam Asi Coffee Beans (INR 545) are medium-dark roasted, single-origin straight from the farms of Chikmaglur. If you love dark chocolate, this will be your ground zero since it has notes of dark chocolate, smoked vanilla and cacao nibs. From the estates of Karnataka, these folks bring this single-origin, medium roast Woodway Estate (INR 495) that is a delightful blend of Orange Marmalade, Dates and Walnuts. All these come in a 250g packaging and come with a choice of Grind Size. Since we don't trust our guts (and taste) just yet, we'd love to go with the Grind Size they think is ideal. Coming to Subko's Cold Coffee Brew (INR 220) come in a vintage-looking 250ml glass bottle. They are slow steeped with room temperature water for 16 hours before pouring it into these adorable bottles. This one has won us over because it tastes of chocolate-covered raspberries, caramel and baker's cocoa. We have a sudden urge to take out that single-malt from our bar cabinets for this one. Subko's Portable Pourovers are for those of us who never thought of getting a coffee machine for the house. These are unique filters which come pre-filled with 18g of a special blend. I think we have enough to thank them for. These good folks have also collaborated with Mason & Co. to create a rocket ship straight to heaven - Organic Bean Bar Cholocates. 

They have a Social Distancing Store which is nothing but their online website for ordering coffees, baked goods and chocolates in Mumbai via Wefast. 

What Could Be Better

They deliver their coffees, baked goods and chocolates only in Mumbai as of yet, which is quite a bummer. However, we can't wait for them to start shipping across other cities as well. 


You cannot leave without visiting their Instagram handle. Their beautifully displayed content includes everything from the brand concept to truckloads of information about coffees and how it's made. It's pretty informative and a great space to get their latest additions. 


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