Black Bread Or Indian Masala: Subscribe To This Service For Organic Loaves Every Month


The Bread Company might only be three-weeks-old but it’s changing the way we eat breakfast. If you’re pressed for time but want to eat well, opt for their subscription service that’ll send organic, all healthy loaves of goodness every week of the month.

Can't Have Cake? Have Bread

Making organic loaves in four innovative flavours is literally Aastha’s bread and butter. She and her team of 20 plus were already into baking breads, but this switch to the preservative-free side has been a recent phenomena. At present, they’re doing four flavours including Indian Masala, Spinach and Beetroot, Black Beauty and Super Seedy. She tells us that they might add more as they go along. 

These well-{b}read folks claim to combine the superfoods we all know {hey spinach, nice to see you make an appearance!} with French baking techniques. The seedy wonder comes packed with crunchy pumpkin and sunflower seeds along with millet, jowar and ragi and is such a great substitute to our store-bought version that’s become more of a habit than a choice, really. The Bread Company also makes sure that they use honey and organic sugar and natural sunflower oil in the baking process. In short, it’s a great chance to make smaller, healthier changes at the dining table if you’ve been pushing off yoga, or have been meaning to check out that farmer’s market but just never got down to doing it.

Need more motivation? Check this out: The Indian Masala bread will come to your rescue if you’ve been unsuccessful in giving up on parathas, because their spices make you feel so much at home. And, if you’re struggling to bring down cholesterol, give the Black Beauty with organic activated charcoal a shot.

So, We're Saying...

They’re home-delivering across South Delhi, Gurgaon and West Delhi will be on their map starting next week. The price per loaf is INR 95, and you can decide the number of breads you want delivered {the minimum is a loaf a week}.

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