Order A Batch Of Gooey Old Monk Brownies From This Gurgaon-Based Home Baker

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Sugar Rush by Saiba is a small, sweet reminder that brownies should be, and indeed are, a celebration unto themselves. The menu consists of sober options like Twix Brownies and Snickers Brownies, as well as their more sinful contemporaries like the Old Monk Brownie, Amarula Brownie and the Baileys Brownie.

Brownie Points

Not so long ago, there was a universe where cupcakes didn’t exist. Before the meteoric rise of the cupcake, there was the brownie. The exotic import, not exactly a tea cake, nor did it fall under the vague title of ‘pastry,’ was all we wanted, before it morphed into the ubiquitous rock-hard square found at every nukkad coffeeshop.

Love like that doesn’t disappear, no matter how many red velvets sweep us away. And while the brownie is everywhere to be found, none of us know where to go when we really want one.

When a full-time Google employee couldn’t Google her way to an answer, she decided to take the matter {and batter} into her own hands. Having watched her aunt run a successful bakery in Pune, Saiba knew she could learn a trick or two when deciding to dedicate her spare time to baking these babies.

A Sweet Treat

Being the purists that we are, we tried the regular Sinful Chocolate Brownies, and are so happy they exist. Even more so when we discovered that their natural gooeyness meant heating was unnecessary, and that we could get 9 pieces {a half kilo} for INR 700! The boozy bad boys go up to INR 900 for a half kg.

From packing boxes for folks flying in and out of the city, to catering to the wise people who choose to eat brownies for breakfast {more power, we say}, Saiba is prepared for every craving. Since batches are baked to order, we suggest giving her a heads up one or two days ahead of time. Or do what the even wiser lot do – put in a standing order.

So, We're Saying...

Order right now because there ain’t no time like the present for a Sugar Rush.


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