These Handpoured Scented Candles Will Transform Your Rooms (And Lives)!

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Suhani Candles

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What Makes It Awesome

Throw blanket? Check. Hot chocolate (or wine... definitely wine)? Check. Mellow music? Check. The only thing missing in this ever-so-ideal self-care ritual is a jar of scented candles. But hey, we've got you covered. 

Headquartered in Delhi, Suhani Candles is an online brand that has a wonderful collection of hand-poured soy candles (they tend to last longer) in different fragrances and sizes. Candles that will help you unwind and relax each time you light them up. At the moment, they've got five fragrances - British Rose, Lavender, Classic Vanilla, Cinnabon and Jasmine. We're placing our bets on Classic Vanilla for its floral notes. Each scent is distinct and the packaging, eco-friendly.

If you're not sure which one would fire up your senses then you can always go for their sample box which contains tiny 30ml bottles of all five fragrances. Honestly, this makes it so much easier for us to choose. Once you've zeroed down on the fragrance, you can get either the 300ml or the 250ml jar. Oh, and these jars are reusable which is great. We'd suggest you order one right away and create a snug ambiance. 

P.S., they have wax sachets too if you're looking to add some fragrance in your closets or any such space.  

What Could Be Better

More options, perhaps?


They offer customisation as well. Wish to know more? Hit up the "Enquire Now" button and get all the details directly from the brand. 


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