Suit Up With Bespoke Menswear From Mr. Fox

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Bespoke store Mr. Fox offers comfortable & fashionable menswear and accessories. Their in-house team of tailors, pattern-makers, designers work together to incorporate every piece with a healthy mix of regal and cosy.

Knock Your Fox Off

Tucked away in Meherchand Market lies Mr. Fox. Their in-store options are abundant—you can buy one of many shirts, jackets, blazers, ties and even designer pocket squares. But where they really excel is their bespoke service.

You can order your own suit {or jacket} and have it made exactly to your specifications; the good folks at Mr. Fox will assign you a personal advisor, who will delve into the exact details of your piece one-on-one. This way even an individual who isn’t a fashion expert {which, lets face it, can be many of us}, but still knows what he wants, can get professional guidance to help them develop the outfit they had in mind.

The New Collection

From their new collection for the summer takes inspiration from an overarching travel theme, which is then divided into three-sub themes—the era of 1920, Orient Express of the East, and Nautical. The collection consists of well-constructed blazers, jackets, shirts, trousers, shorts, bundis, and waistcoats, all in nautical shades such as oatmeal, beige, white, navy, and electric blue—all of which tie in really well with the luxury travel theme.


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