Summer House Cafe Has A Killer Rooftop, Great Drinks & Live Gigs Every Day

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What Makes It Awesome

Proudly perched right at the edge of Aurobindo Market, by the main road, is Summer House Café. Head there for cocktails, live music, and food. 

Summer House Café is the perfect spot to come have a drink post-work or chill mid-day on a weekend. It's got low, sofa-like seats, high wooden chairs, and wooden benches, surrounding the glowing Absolut bar (made out of the shell of a minibus). The first, and main floor of Summer House has a slender outdoor balcony with a few tables. The interiors have a long bar, an assortment of seating, and a stage set up for live music. 

On a packed night, getting a drink from the bar can be tough so we tend to stick to beer, and doubles of our favourite alcohol. However, on a lighter day, when we have time to stop and smell the sangria, we order a few specific drinks. Our regular picks from the drinks menu include items off the Signature Cocktail list. Choose a base drink (mojito, martini, margarita, etc) and a syrup flavour and you are good to go. Heads up, Summer House Café's LIITs are lethal.

We’ve regularly munched on the Southern Fried Chicken Strips, the Jalapeno Cheese Fingers and the nachos. Summer House Café really lends itself to bar snacks, drinks being their specialty. As such we rarely get onto the other items on the menu.

In terms of parking space, Summer House Café doesn't have much and since most of you would be drinking, we don't recommend driving to the place either. And no surprises here, they don't have a home delivery facility cause well, who wants to miss out on that electrifying ambience? 

Summer House Café is open from 12 PM - 12:30 AM on all days and Green Park and IIT are the closest metro stations.

What Could Be Better

It gets insanely crowded on the weekends here. Forget having a seat, it literally becomes hard to find space to stand properly.

Pro Tip

You’re likely to find live gigs, events, talks and comedy shows taking place throughout the week. If you don’t see an event on Facebook, call ahead and find out what’s up. They also have a 1+1 deal on IMFL till 9 PM every day!


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