We Tried This Brand's Silk Scrunchies, Masks & Headbands And We're In Love

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Sunday Forever

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What Makes It Awesome

In the world of fabric, silk is one of the elite ones since time immemorial. The innate comfort, sheen, and various beneficial properties make it worth shelling out big bucks, and we went looking for a brand that would be good to our skin and hair. We found Sunday Forever.

Started by a curly haired girl who wanted to fix her frizzy hair woes, Sunday Forever is all about loungewear, bedding, and accessories, made from 100% mulberry silk. The products are gender inclusive, an investment, and "self-care elevated to its best." You'll spot luxury pure silk bedsheets, pillowcases, hair accessories, like headbands and scrunchies, cami tops, and sleeping masks—all providing the benefits of silk making them hypoallergenic, preventing acne and wrinkles, helping the sin retain moisture and being a good insulator. 

We got our hands on the scrunchies, headband and an eye-mask and safe to say, are quite in love. The eye-mask which we've tested out for over a month now works wonders at de-puffing the eyes.The hair accessories on the other hand has been a God send especially during Monsoons since they do not tug at my hair, and no matter how harshly I open my hair from a top knot or pony tail, I do not see hair fall which is close to miraculous. The headband on the other hand is just as comfy on the head and does not tug or pull at your roots at all. It does tend to slip off at times especially if you have straight hair. 

They products range from 16 momme to 30 momme on request, whereas a large order can be customised basis on colour and embroidery from a 56 shade colour card, perfect for brides to be who wish to treat themselves and their bridesmaids to luxury! 


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