Basket Lamps To Carved Tables: Sunshine Boulevard Is Your Happy Place For Decor

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What Makes It Awesome

Sunshine Boulevard might as well be all about blinding lights and starry eyes, as it is in the song Sunset Boulevard, but it’s not just that. It’s also about dreamy lamps, distressed furniture and all things that that make a house, a home. Based out of Bangalore, this home decor brand does everything - from a hundred (and more) different types of lamps to vintage pieces of furniture and even quirky garden accessories. Do you know what's even more exciting? They are available to shop online. 

Natural leaves, banana fibre, thread acrylic and Japanese Shoji paper are a few things that feature in Sunshine Boulevard’s whimsical lamps (which start at INR 1,650). The architectural, symmetrical lamps are for those who swear by minimal, contemporary design. They also have bottomless bottles in pop colours cut halfway through the centre, marvellous chandeliers straight out of Jane Austen’s books, and tiny and not-so-tiny bird cages that are actually tea-light holders. Their collection of furniture is totally fabulous. Shabby chic, or furniture that has been made to look rundown on purpose for that vintage vibe, is the real charmer at Sunshine Boulevard. Wooden chests, painted trunks, chunky flower vases, carved mirrors that you’d not get tired of seeing yourself in and tables too pretty to touch, take the cake. The store also houses vintage bicycles for toddlers that are more than just showpieces, tube light covers made with silk, trinkets that can be used for the garden, bookends, and wooden partitions to divide your house in a very old-school way. If you're someone who likes to collect artsy products that are multipurpose in nature then this is the place to be. Oh, and they ship across India and we cannot wait to place our orders. 

Price: INR 499 onwards 

What Could Be Better

We wish they had an offline store in cities across. Currently, they're based out of Bangalore, and retail via their website, you can also hit Enquire Now to chat with them and place orders online. 


Prices for a few products are a bit towards the higher end, but the quality, built and almost everything about their products just make up for it. Don't forget to follow their IG page for giveaways and fun contests. 


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