Get High On Super-Sized Burgers At The Joint Café

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Another one of the Galleria market favourites, The Joint Café is the perfect spot to chill at with your friends over breakfast, meal platters, burgers and much more.

Chow Down

Illegal Ammo Burger, Hot Mama Deluxe burger

Sip On

Banana Caramel Shake, Tiramisu Cheese Cake Shake


Winning For

Let’s start with the insane variety of food that this place has to offer. You are bound to get confused with so much on the menu. The burger patties are well cooked and juicy, the meat is fresh, and the produce used adds to the taste and the overall presentation.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Mix the charm of Elma’s with the quirk of Out of the Box, and you get The Joint Cafe. The joint offers comfortable seating space with overhead lighting which kinda makes for a perfect date. The posters, images and racks on the walls add to the overall appeal.

What’s On the Menu?

This menu is bound to spoil you with its expansive range of burgers, platters, appetisers and much more. There is something for everyone and everything delivers in taste. They offer breakfast options like The Hangover Breakfast; burgers such as the Illegal Ammo and Hot Mama Deluxe, hot dogs, appetisers and a variety of other dishes make for a hearty meal, which you sometimes won’t even be able to finish.

The meats are well cooked and the flavours are balanced with fresh ingredients and interesting sauces. The Banana Caramel and the Tiramisu Cheese Cake shake are must tries for those who wish to try something beyond the same old chocolate and coffee variants.

So, We’re Thinking…

If you love burgers and want to challenge yourself with the gigantic portions, then this joint is definitely worth a try. This place is paradise for all who love tenderloin and lamb too, as that seems to be their speciality.


Always keep in mind that the portions can be a bit too much, so refrain from order everything off the menu, as tempting as it may be.


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