This Pizza Costs Over INR 40,000 & Here's What Makes It So Expensive

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We love a good pizza as much as anyone, but honestly, how much are you willing shell out to get the fanciest pizza in town? Akira Back, in JW Marriott, is selling a pizza that costs INR 41,000, with taxes.

Break The Bank For {Hopefully} The Best Pizza Of Your Life

The chefs at Akira Back aim to provide you with the ultimate pizza experience, right from the ingredients used to the sides offered. The pizza is made by a chef and professional pizza curator {yes, you can professionally do that}, and the ingredients used are flown in from different parts of the world, starting with their Bluefin Chutoro from Japan {one kg costs INR 8,000}, to their black and white truffles, imported from Italy. 50 grams of black truffles cost INR 2,300- INR 4,500, while 50 grams of the white truffles cost a whopping INR 40,000. Using their own micro-greens and a specially-made sauce, the pizza is prepared on a fresh, tortilla base.

Now, the pizza is served with a side of fresh blinis, and Oscietra caviar, from France, the caviar itself costs INR 11,000 for 50 grams {move over, garlic bread}. Now, you get to top off your pizza with chives, red onions, grated egg whites, grated egg yellows and home-made crème frâiche wasabi. Keep in mind that you need to inform the restaurant a week in advance, so they can get everything ready for the pizza. Now the real question is, would you pay INR 41,000 for this experience?

So, We're Saying...

If you do go to over to JW Marriott to try this out, we hope it’s worth it.


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