Sushi Junction: Gurgaon's Freshest Face for Sushi Delivery

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Sushi Junction offers home delivery for fresh and flavourful sushi rolls in Gurgaon. The menu also includes a selection of sushi cooked for the Indian palate.

New kid on the block

The guys over at Sushi Junction knew that sushi raises certain objections for Indian foodies, like ‘fishy’, ‘raw’, ‘smells’. So to make the introduction to sushi easier they added a Desi rolls section to their menu—which includes an International and Authentic section as well—for first time sushi eaters.

What's on the menu?

We were impressed with the very popular Spicy Tuna roll, the deliciously inventive Panco Philly Mango Coulis roll, and the crunchy Asparagus Tempura roll from the International section. Also try their kimchi Edamame, which has a unique, unexpected flavour profile. The standout dish from the Authentic section was the seaweed-wrapped Umekyu {Plum and Cucumber} roll.

We swooped down on the Kidney Bean Curry Sauce roll and Chicken Tori Karaage Kabayaki roll {from the Desi section} with a mix of curiosity and hunger. For the kidney bean roll think rajma in a sushi roll. While that may not sound tempting, it is actually an unusually good combination. While this section might not be the go-to for regular sushi eaters, it is a tasty selection of hybrid rolls for first-timers.

With easy and quick online delivery, we say start ordering now!


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