Svayam Natural's Skincare Range Holds Age-Old Beauty Secrets


Svayam Natural isn’t the conventional hair and skincare brand we’re used to. All their oils, serums, scrubs and co. are organic and totally free of chemicals and you’ll realise that just a little of these go a long way.

Grannies Know Best

The concoctions packed in these fuss-free bottles capture generations-old beauty secrets that our grannies swore by.

Lured by the idea of undoing the harmful effects of pollution, stress and everyday damage, in general, we decided to give these a chance. Happy to report that these potent hair oils actually deliver what they promise. The Panchtatva Hair Oil is great for controlling frizz and left our curls deeply nourished.

If that’s too hardcore, you can try something lighter. Olive with Cinnamon extract, maybe? And if neither of these cut it, the thick Mustard oil surely will.

Dry Be A Far Cry

Our skin cries a little every winter but this season’s been less painful with Apricot Oil face serum slathered onto our face every night. It’s made fresh morning-dew type skin a reality, and we’re now keen on trying the cold-pressed Sesame serum. 

The next super product from the list, the Glow Pack, is an overachiever too. We were advised to add the mixture to a bit of honey and yogurt to undercut moong dal’s drying attribute and it worked out pretty well.

Don’t Sniff And Tell

If you, like us, judge a beauty product by how yummy it smells, you might find Svayam unappealing at first. But get past the initial bland aroma and you’re in for a treat. You’ll know when you wash off that as-authentic-as-it-gets Mustard Oil with Methi Extracts off your tresses or get that Glow Pack off your oily face. 

So, We’re Saying…

There’s a reason our nani-dadi’s had lustrous hair and shiny skin – they were big on home remedies – whether it came to treating headaches or dry hair.

We say, go back in time and claim their miracle drugs… they now come in handy Svayam bottles.

Buy them here.