Family Lunch Plans? Head To Swad's New, Pure-Veg Outlet In G-Town

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What Makes It Awesome

If you live in or around Gurgaon, then here's some good news for you; Swad has opened up in Gurgaon. 

As far as the vibe and ambience go, the interiors are super vibrant. We loved that they had massive framed posters with retro-styled paintings on their staircase wall. The tables, chairs, crockery, and windows of this place are done up in bright, fun colours and are well curated. In fact, Swad Gurgaon has a Bollywood touch to it, everything is kind of set up in a dramatic tone. 

Now, if we talk about the food, let's just start with how  superb their mocktails are. When I picked up the menu, I immediately looked for the drinks menu to find myself a good cocktail to order (much to my mum's dismay), but found out soon that they only serve mocktails. So, my mum ordered a Jaljeera Shikanji and I ended up ordering their Kafir Elderflower Spritzer. Both of these were great, the presentation was good, the Jaljeera was a great balance of tangy and sweet, while the spritzer was super cooling and refreshing.

After ordering our drinks, we ordered our starter which was a Dhokla Papdi with Seenghdana Pesto, followed by a Bok Choy, Broccoli & Tofu, with green Thai Curry, rice, Paneer Makhani and their lachcha parantha. The starter was interesting because the Dhokla and the cracker had contrasting textures (plus, I could never imagine Dhoklas could be made in such a way). The Thai curry was superb as well, it was slightly on the sweet side and you could taste the coconut distinctly (in a good way).

The Paneer Makhani was smooth but not overly smooth; We really appreciated the fact that it didn't feel like some variant of a smoothie. The lachcha paranthas were alright and complimented the paneer. The portions of the drinks and food were excellent, no complaints there at all!

A meal at Swad will cost you around INR 600 for two people (not bad at all, right?). 

What Could Be Better

Nothing, really. We loved that they are a vegetarian eatery with delicious mocktails in a city where non-vegetarian outlets are constantly popping up. 


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