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Fine Dining
location Lodhi Colony

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Guppy Is Constantly Acquainting Us With Japanese Beyond Sushi

Ten Second Takeaway

Marked by old-style shutters with little bits of quirky decor peeking out at you from within, the colourful Guppy boasts of a wide selection of Japanese fare, along with some great cocktails.

Guppy Love

The mood is always set at Guppy. We enter a pale teal courtyard and the rest of the journey to our table consists of arches and creepers, AD Singh’s signature style, with Japanese-inspired murals. Polka-dotted washrooms, random trinkets, illustrations and crafty installations, Guppy looked like—and we speak purely of the decor—the love child of Mamagoto and Olive.

Miso Happy

To start with, the Miso Soup served in a traditional Japanese ceramic bowl is a good option. The soup is warm and comforting, salty, dotted with seaweed and diced carrots, radish, creamy tofu and spring onions {which looked like the product of some crazy knife skills}.

This followed by The Guppy House Salad: Pickled beet, asparagus and broccoli dressed with Karashi mustard. Also, uber-talented and engaging chef Vikram Khatri suggests healthy, gluten-free and vegan dietary options throughout.

We’ve tried the Tenderloin Tetaki {Japanese version of Carpaccio}, veg rolls and two variations of Gyoza. The Tatatki meat is cool, pleasant and lies upon a bed of soy ponzu dressed julienned leeks. The Gyoza, both prawn and mushroom, are very good.

Keep Rollin’

The Spicy Salmon Roll here is velvety with a hint of heat, and we can’t emphasise on the role of the accompanying sauces and dips enough.The Pork Belly is easily the highlight of a meal here; melt in your mouth, soft Belgian Pork Belly glazed with Soy Honey and Mustard Miso dipping sauce.

The Chashu Ramen however, lacks the salty, slightly-fatty quality that the world-famous ramen is known for. It’s a refined version of what I have eaten in the past, and makes for a great first time for ramen newbies.

To end with, we’d skip the cakes, though a taste of the home-made ice cream should be on your Guppy bucket list.

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