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What's Happening

In this exciting coffee workshop conducted by Kaffa Cerrado, you will get to try flavours of coffee! We will cover the method of brewing different brews, while we familiarise you with the various tastes.

About Kaffa Cerrado

Kaffa Cerrado is an exploration of coffee from its origins to what it has come to be today, the second most widely consumed beverage in the world. We work tirelessly to bring you the most diverse range of coffees that are a part of the “coffee belt”, offering something special and unique from each region. There’s a little something for every palate. 

Krittivas, a certified coffee roaster is the co-founder of Kaffa Cerrado. His love for coffee continues to be the guiding principle to take Kaffa Cerrado forward. 

Price Includes

The entry is free, just bring an open mind. Only a few seats available, so sign up ASAP!

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