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Facing Dental Woes? Check Out These Invisible Aligners For Your Teeth


We all know that Dental Problems can make us feel less confident. Got teeth that are crooked and want to get it fixed? We know wearing braces have been the longest known solution to this, but is it really, anymore? The answer is No! What if we tell you that you can fix your teeth with Invisible Aligners? These are clear, invisible alternatives to braces. Check out DentAesthetica that gives you a fruitful Invisalign treatment. Scroll ahead for all the details.

A Six Step, Easy Process For Your Ideal Teeth

If you have always wanted straight teeth, perfectly aligned to give you the smile of your dreams, Invisalign Treatment is for you. At DentAesthetica the aim is to cause minimal inconvenience and help you see visible results within a short span period of time. In the First Step, your Invisalign- trained orthodontist will take photos, X-Rays and Digital Scans to create your Treatment Plan customised to your needs. In the Second Step you will be shown a Customised 3D treatment plan where you can see the Final Position of your teeth, as predicted by the treatment. These customised aligners will be delivered to your Doctor and then to you. The aligners will have to be worn and changed every 2 weeks. 

During the treatment, you will be visiting your Doctor every 6-8 weeks in order to check your treatment progress and raise concerns, if any. Soon, you will see visible results. After your Treatment is Completed you might have to wear retainers to maintain the new position of your teeth.

Say Hello to New Teeth With These Advantages:

The prominent one being, with Invisalign Treatment you get to wear Invisible Aligners so that you can confidently smile your way through your everyday life. Since these are removable, you can maintain your oral health super easily. Wait, did we mention that there aren't any food restrictions? Yes, these removable Aligners let you eat, drink and chew whatever you want! From Overcrowded teeth, teeth with gaps to Overbite, Crossbite and Underbite, Invisalign corrects all types of faulty teeth positions. 

So, we’re saying...

Don't let your Dental Treatment come in the way of your regular life. With DentAesthetica, schedule your clinic visits as per your convenience and get the picture perfect smile that you have always dreamt of.

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