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Nehru Park Is Perfect For Morning Runs, Picnics & Even Hosts Food Fests

Ten-Second Takeaway

Nehru Park is one of the biggest and most well-maintained public parks in New Delhi. So, if you’re looking for a lush space for a picnic plan or a morning stroll, we say you zoom over. There’s a dedicated parking area as well, charged at INR 20/hour.

Looking For A Big, Green Space?

Looking for a new place for your daily run or to play sports? Nehru Park opens every day of the week till 8pm. It’s spread over 80 acres and has concrete pathways for you to get your jog on. You’ll also find two open air gyms and, quite obviously, a whole lot of green space to stretch, exercise, and even play a game of cricket or football (or frisbee?).

The park is also great to take your dogs for walks—they might go ecstatic seeing all the open space, so brace yourself—but make sure to clean up after them and keep the park in a neat and clean condition.

Like Music & Food Fests?

Nehru Park also hosts a bunch of music and food fests throughout the year (especially in winters). Some of the best events hosted there include the Jazz Fest, Palate Fest, NDMC Art Fest, HT Imagine Fest, Maggi Fest and more. And, if there’s no food fest in sight and you’re feeling famished, run over to next door to Yashwant Place for amazing momo.

We’ll be giving you instant updates about all the upcoming events at Nehru Park, so make sure you keep tabs on this space.

So, We're Saying...

You’ll find your next picnic spot, football field, and food fest in Nehru Park – remember to keep it clean!

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