Take A Trip To The Tibetan Town & Delicious Desserts!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Ama cafe is just like a hidden gem which is a bit difficult to find as it lies in a small Tibetan market from the highway of old Delhi. The ambience is quite pretty and cozy and the pleasant smell of the coffee will take away your heart.

It has a variety of desserts, beverages, snacks. I would highly recommend having pancakes, cheesecakes and pizza. Not only the quality but the taste of the food they serve is up to the mark. The service is quite nice and the staff is also soft-spoken. It's a pocket-friendly cafe and the special feature of the cafe is that it has a separate smoking area.

The only demerit is since it's a very famous cafe, so you need to have a prior booking before going otherwise you'll have to wait for 1-2 hrs.

Apart from this, it's a great place for shopaholic people as the cafe is situated in a Tibetan market. Above all, it has a live kitchen where you can see how the food is being prepared. The place has an amazing vibe and is the best place to hang out with your friends or even to go on a date!

Here just to share my love for food with you all