Takeaway Breakfast? The Artful Baker Will Come To Your Rescue!

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What Makes It Awesome

Fresh croissants at 8am? I found them at The Artful Baker. Though they've been around for a while, I've only recently started going to The Artful Baker {in Khan Market and Vasant Vihar}. For starters, it opens at 7am in Khan Market {YAY!}, and makes an ideal spot to pick up a breakfast muffin that isn't cloyingly sweet, a coffee with almond milk {double yay, for my fickle lactose intolerance}, a pistachio croissant if you're feeling indulgent, and a chicken sandwich in sourdough bread if you're looking for a breakfast that completely packs you up. I've eaten all of the above over several visits to The Artful Baker, and their food's been fresh, coffee's been strong, and service has been excellent.

What's My Pro Tip?

They have limited seating - only one or two chairs in each of their outlets - so just keep that in mind. Also, their breads are excellent! One may try their gluten free bread.

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