Ten Second Takeaway

For a quiet, no-frills authentic Japanese meal in the heart of the city, visit Tamura. We’re saying Ramen bowls, Udon Noodles, Bento boxes and of course, sushi.

Hana-yori dango

Dumplings rather than flowers: A Japanese proverb that means people should be more interested in the practical than the aesthetic. The whole and hearty spirit in this Japanese proverb is reflected in Tamura, an absolutely delightful establishment located in the Uphar Shopping Complex in Green Park, and in the New Friends Colony Community Centre.

Warm lighting, cosy booths with depressed seating and soft native language floated through the air {all patrons were Japanese; yay for authenticity} and the menu perked us up immensely.

Sushi and beyond

tamura2Image courtesy: Ankita Chemburkar

We ordered Salmon Rolls, Fried Chicken with Ponzu sauce, Stir Fried Udon Noodles and Shochu with Soda. The salmon rolls were made from smoked salmon, as opposed to fresh salmon {which was made clear to us by the hostess, who was very helpful, throughout}.

The salmon rolls tasted like homemade sushi, the wasabi was potent, and the ginger hadn’t been pickled beyond recognition, as is the case in most places catering to a Delhi palate. The Ponzu Sauce had fresh citrus chunks that cut the crunchy fried goodness of the chicken. The Udon was fresh and peppery, and the alcohol provided just the right level of calm for a pleasant evening with friends.

We also took two Ramens home– Miso Ramen and Pork Ramen. They were packed beautifully. The Miso Ramen was filling, with really nice complex flavors; my mom enjoyed the bamboo shoot {which has never happened before!}. The Pork Ramen was hearty; a healthier version of what one would usually get. Both weren’t too salty, as they generally tend to be.

Tamura is the perfect place to go after a hard day’s work, with friends or a lover whom you actually want to have conversations with. You also won’t run into half of Delhi, like in half of Delhi.

Where: S16, Uphar Commerical Complex, Green Park Extension Market; 21 First Floor, Community Centre; New Friends Colony  {The branch in Green Park was visited for this review}

Nearest Metro Station: Green Park; Kalkaji Mandir

Contact: 011 26535769;+91 9811480448

Price: INR 2,700 for two {approx.}

Timings: 12pm – 3pm; 6pm – 12am

Feature mage courtesy: Madhulika Liddle