Ten-Second Takeaway

New in town, Tanddav offers a gamut of heady cocktails and comfort food that satiates the belly and soothes the soul.

Sip On

Lavender and Elderflower Martini, Smoked Vanilla Pineapple

Chow Down

The Spinach Gomae Salad {with the sesame wasabi dressing}, Tenderloin Carpaccio, Mango Salmon {with raw mango}

Winning For

The simplicity of the food and being a space that is conducive to good conversation.

A Dance Of Flavours

130916_tanddav-interiorNamed Tanddav after Shiva’s divine dance of creation and destruction, the establishment is divided between two levels.  The downstairs has a large bar and dining space that is opulent yet intimate; the chandeliers give the restaurant an ambient and luxe vibe. The decor is tasteful and decadent, without ever being too loud; think lovely accents that you’d find in an elegant living room.

Come to Tanddav for an easy-going evening that starts off at the bar and draws to a close post midnight with a digestif or coffee.

What’s On The Menu?

The menu is carefully curated to include Vidur’s inspiration from his travels, with his favourite recipes from the last decade or so. We tried the Spinach Gomae, served with a gorgeous sesame wasabi dressing that hit just the right notes without overpowering our taste buds with its pungency. The Tenderloin Carpaccio was melt-in-the-mouth delicious, and probably the best we’ve had in a long time.

If you like your ribs a tad bit sweet like we do, you’ll love the the succulent Tamari Pork Ribs in a sweet miso soy reduction. However, our favourite was probably the Mango Salmon, because the flaky salmon comes replete with a crispy skin and a generous dollop of homemade raw mango pickle, for that perfect hit of tart and sweet. We love how they’ve managed to weave in Indian staples like raw mango with panch phoron {five spice mix} to transform the salmon.

Save a little room for dessert and order both the brioche and churros in a chocolate bowl. Keep your phone or camera out when the churros arrive, because the dessert is a multi-sensory treat and makes for great Instagram videos.

Photos courtesy: Tanddav