Love Telling Stories? Tape A Tale Lets You Share Them With The World

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What Makes It Awesome

Have you ever thought of sharing your stories with the world without writing them down? How is that possible you ask? Tape A Tale encourages storytellers (like you) to voice out your stories and share them with everyone. All you have to do is talk and there will be someone to listen to, always!

We think it’s an awesome platform to tell the world what your experiences have been like. Whether it’s a funny anecdote or a tragic one or even something that you’re still trying to decipher, you can narrate it all. All you have to do is log on to their website, hear some stories first (because some of them are really endearing) and if you wish to share yours, all you need is a recording device (your phone comes closest!).

Take a moment to think about what you want to share. Thought of it already? Good! Now record your story (not too long to put people to sleep) and send it to them via WhatsApp or an e-mail (available on their website). Their technicians improve the quality of the audio you send them in and after all that refining your story goes through, it’s put out on their platform for everyone to hear.

We really loved some of the stories we heard and we think this one’s a brilliant chance to get into a habit of hearing people out (which we seldom do these days).

This platform is catching up with everyone so if you have something to say or share or are a gifted storyteller, then you must tape a tale!


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