Step Into These Beautifully Designed Leather Sneakers From Taramay

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What Makes It Awesome

Taramay's one of the original make-in-India leather shoe company that started out back in 2011. I used to shop leather flats from them all the time; this is back when ballet flats had made a break-through, and artisanal leather shoe brands for women were scarce. Though they seemed to have been on the down low for the past couple of years, I'm overjoyed that they're back. And that too with a bunch of new designs and styles including these gorgeous leather sneakers {pictured}.

Available in tan, white, and grey, Taramay's sneakers are super comfortable, non-clunky, and are light as well. I love the gold metal ring details for the lace holes, and the clean sans serif branding on the shoe tongue {Googled it- that's what it's called!}.

I recently bought a pair of the grey leather shoes; that colour is everything, different from the usual blacks and blues and browns that I've seen so far. In design and style, they're reminiscent of my favourite hipster shoe brand, Common Project. And the fact that they're made locally {and are 1/5th the price} is the cherry on top.

What Could Be Better?

Not better per se - like me, if you like trying everything you buy, you'll have to make a trip to Taramay's studio. They're currently available online only.

Anything Else?

They're priced at INR 6800 and for an artisanal brand that offers unique leather shoes, I think it's totally worth it.

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