Caffeine Intolerant? These Herbal Teas Are Gonna Be Your Liquid Luck!

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What Makes It Awesome

The world is divided into two kinds of people - coffee fanatics and chai enthusiasts. Today, I'm going to appeal to the latter bunch who love nothing more than a blissful Chai-time. Operating out of Haryana, Tassyam is a daughter company of Goel United Spice Trading Office (GUSTO), which houses a plethora of premium herbal teas, spices, dry fruits, cereals and lots more. 

But we're here solely for the tea, only literally. Tassyam has a varied range of Green Teas like Ashna Organic Detox Tea, Ashna Spearmint Tea, Lavender Hibiscus and Masala Green Tea. But if you favour Black Tea over it, then you can order those instead. For instance, the Chai Rose, a classic Black from Assam and Black & Gold from Darjeeling which are ideal for those who like a strong aftertaste. 

Tassyam's range of herbal teas that have a great many benefits if consumed on a regular. The Chamomile Herbal Tea is efficient in treating insomnia, Lush Lavender nourishes the skin, Spearmint helps refresh and unwind and so on. But that's not it, the brand also has these instant mixes like Instant Lemonade, Instant Saffron Rose Thandai and Unsweetened Turmeric Milk Mix. The Thandai sure does sound like a great summer score, don't you think?

Price: Their range of teas start at INR 220


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