Let Your Taste Buds Take A Trip Down The Memory Lane With These Awesome Snacks!

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What makes it awesome?

In the mood for snacking but DONE with unhealthy chips? Need something that's a great midnight snack? Do you also miss the snacks we had, back when we were kids? If yes, then this brand is for you! The Khokha Shop is here with healthy, old timey, Indian snacks with a new-age twist. They've got 4 sets of snack boxes to satiate your every snacking need at any time of the day, while still making you experience that blast from the past. 

Living up to its brand name, Khokha gives you the authentic taste of street side snacks, all in one box. If you want to start your day with something super nutritious, then their 7am box, infused with the goodness of Amala will do just that. Or if you want to finish off your last meal of the day on a light note, then the 11pm box AKA the End of Day Temptation filled with refreshing paan, mukhwas and piquant candies, will do just that. 

They're also the perfect snack choice for your midnight cravings. Plus, with long work from home hours, you definitely need something to nibble on to keep you going. For that, their 11am box - AKA the Guilt Free Snacking pack will have you munching on some tasty mixes and coconut chips to keep you hustling. And their 7 PM chakhna box is perfect for Friday evenings!

And did we tell you that they have some awesome, pickles, chutney and pan combos to have you drooling. Who doesn’t like some nostalgic Mango Pickle with hot aloo parathas and some Kashmiri Mukhwas post that? So get your hands on their chakhna combo, chutney combos, pickle combos and much more!

So why wait? Score their Amala Murabbas to remind you of snacks from your grandmother’s kitchen. Or their Chana Jor Garam, to remind you of your school vendor. We don’t know about you, but we definitely are trying out these lip-smacking snack boxes! Add these awesome snack boxes to your cart, available right here on LBB.


These boxes go super well with your morning chai or your evening soda. Plus with the festive season just around the corner, keeping these handy is definitely a smart move. So hurry up and get your hands on these snack boxes now!