Tea Lovers, Starbucks Has Something Exciting Brewing For You

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Starbucks is always our go-to place for some sweet java, but now, tea lovers have something new to try out here. With the recent launch of their Teavana range, they’ve introduced three fun, new flavours that we tried {and loved}.

Sip Away At These Fruity Flavours

The three new teas deliver to various palates. We began the tasting with the refreshing frozen hibiscus tea, with pomegranate pearls. Fruity and full of flavour, the beverage combines the floral notes of hibiscus and rose with the tropical flavours of papaya and mango, with undertones of cinnamon and lemongrass. We especially loved the exploding pomegranate juice bubbles; the perfect topping for this tea.

The second tea we tried was a stronger brew, a black tea infused with Ruby grapefruit and honey. More of an acquired taste, this classic black tea is infused with a heady combination  of Star Ruby red grapefruit and honey. Also a frozen tea, we recommend you try this one with a meal; it’s subtle, yet flavourful.

The third tea is a hot one, and interestingly, the first ever organic tea Starbucks has launched. Their Hathikuli tea is a creamy, full-bodied tea, and named after the elephants who frequently visit their organic tea-estate, located next to the Kaziranga National Park, in Assam.

So, We're Saying...

Head over to the nearest Starbucks to try out these new brews. We’re sure you’ll enjoy them as much as we did.


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