Handpicked Fine Teas, Done Beautifully By Tea Trunk

This is the story of a girl who loves her tea. No, not in the way all normal people love chocolate. This is the story of a girl who carried water infused with herbs to school; then went ahead and schooled herself further in a tea institute in Sri Lanka under the guidance of a Japanese tea master.

Today, Snigdha Manchanda runs Tea Trunk, an independent online tea shop that sells fine teas sourced directly from estates across India, in handy tin boxes that feature a rather adorable elephant and his trunk.

The teas found in these little trunks actually pack in all those benefits that are attributed to our homely chai. You’re unlikely to find any trace of disappointing  dust which often makes up some volume in regular brands; all their teas are whole leaf and dispelling common notions for people {especially who live in Gurgaon!} that dust is a fact of life, we’re so happy to hear that it doesn’t have to be that way.

We loved some of the clever flavours that Tea Trunk has come up with – we enjoyed the subtlety of the Saffron Kahwa Green Tea as much as the Kashmir-inspired elephant cruising in a shikara on the label. We were intrigued and pleasantly surprised by the Chilli Chai, which has the regular repertoire of chai masalas in black tea with a slight after-kick of chilli – just right for a samosa kind of afternoon. The Vanilla Black Tea is a tiny gift in a teacup for anyone who’s had to choose between an after-meal hot beverage and an unnecessary bite of dessert.

We wouldn’t have expected any less of a brand that takes its flavours so seriously, but were still glad to know that all their infusions are purely natural. Ginger Root Black Tea means actual adrak, Rose Oolong Tea means you can can stop and smell the literal roses.

Aside from the fact that the tin boxes will be put to some honourable use long after every last sip of the tea has been drunk, it’s safe to say that Tea Trunk has sneakily made its way into our homes for good.

Notes in our Little Black Book

 The tea ninjas at Tea Trunk source top-brass leaves from independent estates all over India, and infuse them with all-natural ingredients that make for the perfect cup. Inspired by a vintage trunk that stored prized teas from around the world, Tea Trunk brings its goodies to the table in playful bits of tin.

Prices: 100 gram pack starts at INR 350 and goes up to INR 1350 for the super exquisite Moon White Tea made with Darjeeling leaves and packing 12 times as many antioxidants than a glass of OJ. Gift packs with candles and cookies also available from INR 850 onwards.